Keloid Killer

Keloid Killer

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Serum to flatten keloids and stretch marks. 

Please refrigerate when it’s not actively being used . 
Shelf life 2 months . 

Instructions : 

1. Throughly was hands before application.

2. Take a cotton round or the silicon applicator ( sent with order) and rub on keloided skin. 
3. Allow for serum to dry ( it will be flaky) 

4. Pat with damp cloth and rub residue in ( if you are wearing a clothing piece that it will rub off on . Remove completely until night application) 

5. This should be done 2 times per day until bottle is complete. 

6 If your Keloid is new , after application, apply warm/ hot cloth to draw out any puss from the skin . 

7. This serum is all natural please do a spot test before full application. If it irritates your skin please discontinue use and contact your physician.  

* The keloid area will look dry through out this process so after application moisturize it with Joli’ Cosmetics creamy moisturizer or essential whipped Shae butter . 

If you have any questions please contact customer support and we will answer you within 24-48 hours .