Sage Sticks

Sage Sticks

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Sage sticks are natural aromatherapy , also can be used as a form of an incense , and to cleanse your space . Each type of sage has different properties. Please do research on which one will be best . If you have any question be sure to send a message to me for correspondence. 

All safe sticks are properly cleansed and blessed before dispatched to customers . 


1. Be sure to remove any people , noise , music , or clutter from the space or house . 
2. pray over your sage and set an intention for its purpose .

3. Give gratitude and thank God for what you are praying to be done ( example ) cleansing your space . 
4. light the end until it is evenly lit , blow on it intermittently to allow the fire to grow . 
5. walk around space or home to each room , closet, Cubbard allowing the smoke to enter . While doing this thank God for its cleansing , giving of thanks for your space , the things you have , and for all great things to come . 
6. ****YOU MUST HAVE DOORS AND/OR windows open to allow the bad spirits or uncleanliness to leave !!!! *****

7. You don’t have to burn the full stick , burn until you feel it’s been enough .

8. Push the front of stick into glass plate or candle plate 

9.Store in a designated space (keep all spiritual things in one place ) 

10. Close out with thanking God and say all is well .