*New*Turmeric Toning Face & Body wash
*New*Turmeric Toning Face & Body wash

*New*Turmeric Toning Face & Body wash

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This is a great product to remove hyperpigmentation on the face like in area of hyperpigmentation due to hormonal hair growth and dark patches . This wash is great to tone and even skin under your arms and your private places that may be dark due to shaving or waxing. 



shake well 

1. use 1-2 pumps on scrubber , Palms , cloth Or the likes. 
2. Place on area making a thin layer or mask . 
3. let sit for 2-4 minutes if needed. 
4. Wash off

5. pat skin dry 

6. Apply a moisturizer, preferably Joli’ Cosmetics skin repair or Joli’ Cosmetics Whipped Lotion 

7. Apply a skin sealant , preferably Joli’ Cosmetics Whipped Shae butter or Whipped lotion